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New USB Type-C with Display Port is Coming


Today the Video Electronics Standards Association announced USB Type-C with DisplayPort Alternate mode. from the press release:

Today the VESA is announcing that they are publishing the “DisplayPort Alternate Mode on USB Type-C Connector Standard.” Working in conjunction with the USB-IF, the DP Alt Mode standard will allow standard USB Type-C connectors and cables to carry native DisplayPort signals. This is designed to open up a number of possibilities for connecting monitors, computers, docking stations, and other devices with DisplayPort video while also leveraging USB’s other data and power capabilities. With USB 3.1 and Type-C the USB-IF was looking to create a single cable that could carry everything, and now that DisplayPort can be muxed over Type-C, USB is one step closer to that with the ability to carry native video.

This obviously opens up the doors for OEM’s and other equipment manufacturers to create some unique configurations from a hardware perspective. It additionally will allow manufacturers to omit dedicated video ports for HDMI,VGA and DVI and instead configure systems with additional USB3 ports. The full article is at Anandtech and worth the read for the technically minded.

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