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Microsoft Re-Brands Its Web Based Office Applications

Back on February 14th in the official Office Blog, Microsoft informed its user base that they would be renaming its popular web-based version of its Office products from Office Web Apps to Office Online. Today the branding has been made official with the name change propagating to all of its various services.

Office OnlineMicrosoft had conceded that the inclusion of “Apps” in the previous name was confusing to its clients. This name change might make it easier for end users to find Microsoft free / web-based version of its Office productivity suite. Office Online does have limitations that its full Office suite does not.

The primary disadvantage of Office Online is that it only offers a limited version of the tools offered in the actual full version of the desktop software. Many of features and commands are missing from the program’s Ribbon interface in the Online version.

For the non power user or for occasional light use, Office Online offers a compelling alternative to Google Docs.

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