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Software can be an expensive proposition for any business. For the software to deliver on its value your end users must develop the skills and knowledge on how to use it effectively. Your users’ adoption is critical to a successful software implementation and its on-going use. With this in mind, effective education and training become a critical component of any software deployment.

Cypress Systems, Inc. provides training and education for multiple software suites and applications. We provide a comprehensive approach to your learning experience with instructor-led, onsite training sessions tailored to your users in their work environment.

Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office is the workhorse of most of the modern business world. While most of us use Office daily, there is always room for improvement. Even if you’re a power user there is a new feature to learn. Our instructors can show you how to get the most out of Microsoft’s popular productivity suites.  We offer group or individual training sessions.

Choose an application below to view its curriculum in PDF format.

Microsoft Word Training Microsoft Outlook Training Microsoft Powerpoint Training Microsoft Excel TrainingPlease note, documents open in a new browser window.

Intuit QuickBooks Training

Did you know that most companies rarely leverage the vast majority of features available within Intuit QuickBooks financial software? Cypress Systems, Inc. can show you how to maximize your time spent with QuickBooks. Whether you need help with QuickBooks training, solving business inventory problems, simplifying payroll, designing custom reports or just basic “how to” instruction, we can help. We offer group or individual training sessions.

Students can expect to learn the setup and creation of:

  • Lists: Items, customers, jobs & vendors
  • Employees: New employees, paychecks, direct deposit setup, printing paychecks & stubs
  • Batch Invoicing
  • Banking: Online banking and downloading of electronic banking transactions, NSF checks, bill payments (online & manual)
  • Customer deposit, credit cards, and checks
  • Memorizing forms and transactions
  • Backing up QuickBooks files and maintenance release installation
  • Designing reports and customization’s
  • Exporting to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel

Apple Mac / OS X Training for Beginners

Apple MacIf you recently switched to a Mac from a PC or your Mac is your first computer, it can be quite daunting to learn your way around. While Apple produces some of the most well designed and user-friendly software available, understanding how it all works together can be difficult for the novice user. Our OS X training for beginners will allow you to become proficient in Apple’s operating system and its native applications. This course is offered for groups or individuals. Students will be instructed on the following points:

  • Understand Mac OS X new technologies
  • Use Mac OS X Finder overview
  • Install and configure applications from the Mac App Store
  • Use advanced Finder techniques
  • Print and fax
  • User account management
  • Configure a Mac for multiple users
  • Use multi-way video and chat in Messages
  • Understand and use Mail
  • Configure backups with Time Machine

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